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ICOE 2008 Brest 

The 2nd International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE 2008)

Date: 15-17 October 2008
Venue: Brest, Franc

ICOE 2008 was organised by EDP and Ifremer under the high patronage of Jean-Louis Borloo, Minister of State, Minister for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development and Town and Country Planning, and partnership of the European Ocean Energy Association (EU-OEA) and the International Energy Agency - Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES).

This conference focused on marine renewable energy: waves, currents (tidal or ocean), tidal energy, ocean thermal energy conversion (OTEC), salinity gradient, offshore wind and biomass.

ICOE 2008 aimed to gather the ocean energy stakeholders: technology developers, engineers and scientists, energy politicians and planners and other sea users.

The encounter received 400 participants from twenty countries (France, Europe and international).

All papers from this conference are available in the library.

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