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The goals of this website is to store & present relevant information from ICOE conferences (documents, papers, presentations) and make it available in the future. Furthermore this website informs of upcoming ICOE conferences.

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ICOE 2016 Edinburgh 

Renewable UK organised the 6th International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE)

Date: 23-25 February 2016
Venue: Edinburgh, UK


The ICOE is a global marine energy event focused on the industrial development of renewable marine energy. As the UK is currently the undisputed global leader in marine energy, with more wave and tidal stream devices installed than the rest of the world combined, it was the most natural choice for this event. RenewableUK always keeps the needs of the industry at the forefront of our work.

Therefore the decision was made to present ICOE 2016 in place of our usual dedicated Wave & Tidal conference in February 2016.

ICOE 2016 took place at the award winning centre of excellence, the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC). The blend of UNESCO World Heritage architecture and world-class entertainment make Edinburgh a breath-taking city to visit, with easy access from over 100 countries around the world by air, rail or road.

Documents from the 2016 ICOE conference are available in the ICOE Library

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