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Article SmartBay – Ireland’s Test, Demonstration and Validation Facility for Ocean Energy Device Developers
Author(s) J. Breslin , R. McNulty, N. Flavin, E. Cullen, R. Chumbinho, D. O Connor, M. Wemyss, C. Brennan, Prof F. Regan (ICOE 2014)
Tags Sub-sea Cables Observatory, Fibre Optic Data, OCEAN LIDER, Ocean Energy
Type Posters
File j-breslin-r-mcnulty-n-flavin-e-cullen-r-chumbinho-d-o-connor-m-wemyss-c-brennan-pf-f-regan-smartbay-ireland-s-test-demonstration-and-validation-facility-for-ocean-energy-device-developers.pdf

The sub-sea cabled observatory includes; ?bre optic data and 400v power cable, high speed communications via 4 pairs of optical ?bres and a sub-sea cabled sensor platform.
The cabled observatory will host an umbilical which will provide power and data connectivity to a ?oating sea laboratory which will allow ocean energy devices and component parts to be tested and monitored in near real-time in the marine.

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