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Article A Novel Floating Wave Energy Converter—Sharp Eagle
Author(s) S. Sheng (ICOE 2014)
Tags Novel floating , Sharp Eagle, WEC, Wave energy converter
Type Presentations
File songwei-sheng-a-novel-floating-wave-energy-converter-sharp-eagle.pdf

This presentation outlines a novel floating Wave Energy Converter the Sharp Eagle.
It is a new kind of wave energy converter. We name it Sharp Eagle.
Wave energy absorbing buoy is just like the beak of eagle. Its reaction is sensitive.
The combination of WEC and semi-submersible barge is easy to towing and maintenance
10kW Sharp Eagle was launched on December 28, 2012 , withdrawn on May 5, 2014.
It provides information on the testing of sharp eagle, the power take off, videos and further development.

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