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Article A combined resource atlas for marine energy
Author(s) L. Cradden (ICOE 2012)
Tags GIS, Platform
Type Papers
File lucy_cradden_university_of_edinburgh.pdf

A key outcome of the MARINA Platform EU FP7 project (Grant agreement number: 241402) will be the creation of a unique combined wind-wavecurrent atlas for European oceans. This is being produced using state-of-the-art modelling systems on co-located grids: For wind, the regional atmospheric model SKIRON, developed at the University of Athens; for wave, the third-generation ocean wave model WAM; for the barotropic tidal analysis and prediction the global model TMD (Tidal Model Driver); and for current, a global model of ocean circulation, HYCOM (Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model). The models have been run at a very high spatial resolution of 0.05° x 0.05° latitude/longitude. In addition to the time series parameters available from the model analyses over the grid, full spectral wave data is available at over 180 pre-selected points of interest. To assess the combined wind, wave and current development potential over the domain, a GIS tool is being developed using open-source software. This will allow site-selection based on the resources, as defined by the models, and various constraints, such as bathymetry, and environmental sensitivity. The tool is being designed flexibly, so that analysis can take place at varying levels of detail, depending on requirements. 

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