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Article A Study on the Design and Performance Prediction of MW Class Ocean Current Turbine
Author(s) Bum-Suk Kim, Mann-Eung Kim, Woo-June Kim (ICOE 2010)
Tags Ocean current turbine, Blade design, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Cavitation, Performance prediction
Type Papers
File A Study on the Design and Performance Prediction of MW Class Ocean Current Turbine

Abstract: Ocean energy resources such as sea temperature, wind, wave and current have potential powers which can be converted into electricity, among them a current turbine is worthy of note since it is less sensitive to the environmental circumstances including wind velocity, temperature, and wave condition.

Rotor blade is a one of the important device which changes kinetic energy of ocean current to mechanical energy. It affects power performance, load and dynamic stability of turbine system both directly and indirectly.

The purpose of this study is to design a baseline blade for 1MW horizontal ocean current turbine using blade element momentum theory(BEMT), and conduct CFD analyses to predict flow field around the blades and performance characteristics such as thrust force, efficiency and power output with changes to tip speed ratio(?). And also, design reference data such as pressure, streamline, torque and thrust distributions on the blade surface is presented as well to investigate optimal design parameters. 

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