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Article A twin unidirectional turbine topology for wave energ
Author(s) J. Jayaraj, K. Mala, M. Takao, T. Setoguchi (ICOE 2010)
Tags Oscillating Water Column, Impulse turbine, Wave
Type Papers
File A twin unidirectional turbine topology for wave energy

Abstract: The overall efficiency of Oscillating water column (OWC) based wave energy plants have been historically constrained by the lack of a good turbine. The twin unidirectional impulse turbine topology promises high efficiencies over a broad range of flow coefficients as needed in wave energy applications.

A laboratory model of this concept is built and tested in an oscillatory flow rig. The experimental results validate the concept. Measurements over a range of flow coefficients show that the predicted theoretical efficiency is attainable. Scaling shows that wave energy plants based on this design are now likely to be caisson limited and not turbine limited. 

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