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Article Airborne and underwater noise assessment at the Pico OWC Wave Power Plant
Author(s) André Croft de Moura, Cristiano Soares, Márcia Carvalho, Nuno Nunes, Sofia Patrício (ICOE 2010)
Tags Noise Impact Assessment, Pico Plant, OWC, Wave energy
Type Papers
File Airborne and underwater noise assessment at the Pico OWC Wave Power Plant

Abstract: The recent push for the implementation of full scale Wave Energy Converters has resulted in the successful deployment of some technologies. As a result of a 3 year recuperation and renovation project the OWC in the Pico Island, Azores has recently began to operate on a frequent basis.

Consequently, and particularly due to the plausible proximity of this type of technology to populations, the need to assess the noise impacts of this technology has arisen. Furthermore the Azores is inhabited by an important population of marine mammals, particularly cetaceans, and therefore the underwater noise produced must also be addressed.

The present paper describes the methodologies currently being tested at the plant, both for airborne and underwater noise, as well as some preliminary results. Factors needed to be considered for noise assessment at OWC plants, potential uses of noise in this technology and future noise studies are also discussed. 

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