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Article An innovative tidal fence development for the Severn Estuary, UK
Author(s) A. S. Bahaj, I. Godfrey, J. Giles, J. Griffiths, J. O’Nians, L. Myers (ICOE 2010)
Tags Tidal fence, Feasibility, Severn Estuary, Environment, Navigation
Type Papers
File An innovative tidal fence development for the Severn Estuary, UK

Abstract: Initial findings from the Severn Tidal Fence Consortium are presented; the project was conducted as part of the UK Government’s Severn Embryonic Technologies Scheme. The Severn Tidal Fence Consortium undertook a feasibility study to assess the potential for a large tidal fence system spanning the width of the Severn Estuary. The fence system would consist of a string of tidal stream energy converters spanning the estuary, with a free passage navigation gap. Tidal fences and piers (a fence connected at one end) have appreciable benefits when compared with tidal barrages, including reduced environmental impact, less disruption to shipping and lower capital investment. Tidal fences and piers can also be shown to have significant cost of energy benefits over tidal stream arrays in lower flow resources through savings in infrastructure and operation and maintenance. 

These initial findings aim to help justify and support the feasibility of further development of a tidal fence solution for the Severn Estuary. 


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