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Article Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy Development- Opportunities and Challenges
Author(s) G. Trowse, R. Karsten (ICOE 2010)
Tags Bay of Fundy, Tidal power, Available power, Challenges
Type Papers
File Bay of Fundy Tidal Energy Development- Opportunities and Challenges

Abstract: Estimates of the maximum extractable power from current flows through the Minas Passage in the Bay of Fundy are as high as 7 to 8.5 GW. An installation of 300 turbines, each producing 2 MW would provide equivalent power to Nova Scotia's largest single source, the Lingan thermal generating station, and would have a small influence on the natural tidal regime.

However, tidal power projects are currently in the research and development phase. Costs are high and significant challenges exist which must be overcome prior to installing devices with the production capacity of even a small a fraction of the above power estimates. 

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