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Article Case Study on the benefits of energy storage for power quality enhancement: point absorber arrays
Author(s) M. Santos, A. Blavette, E. Tedeschi, D. O’Sullivan, F. Salcedo (ICOE 2012)
Tags energy storage, Grid integration, Point absorbers, Power Quality
Type Papers
File santos_mugica_maider_technalia.pdf

The goal of this paper is to assess the impact on the local power system of a wave farm based on point absorbers in heave; presented analyses can be easily compared and complemented by those included in a companion paper focusing on oscillating water column devices. Two real case studies are considered here; the first one refers to the BIscay Marine Energy Platform (bimep), located in Spain, which represents a relatively strong electric grid while the second one models the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) of the Republic of Ireland, which is a relatively weak grid. Comparative analyses will be performed under unfaulted conditions, taking into consideration power quality issues such as voltage stability and flicker problems.
As a second step, the effects of the introduction of energy storage on the aforementioned issues will be analysed. Different storage ratings are studied. A simplified storage model has been implemented to keep the scope of the investigation as broad as possible. Simulation models are implemented in DIgSILENT PowerFactory. 

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