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Article Development of a High-Resolution Simulation Methodology for In-Situ Tidal Turbine Performance
Author(s) Dr. K.W. Wilcox, J. T. Zhang, S. John, A. G. Gerber, T. L. Jeans (ICOE 2014)
Tags Bathymetry, CFD simulation, Blade Element Model, CFD Turbine simulation
Type Posters
File dr.-kevin-w.-wilcox-jian-tao-zhang-stanley-john-andrew-g-gerber-tiger-l-jeans-development-of-a-high-resolution-simulation-methodology-for-in-situ-tidal-turbine-performance.pdf

Modeling rotating turbine blades as part of an in-situ CFD simulation is time consuming and impractical. Using radial varying lift and drag coefficients determined by experiment, the Blade Element Model can determine the turbine loading and power extraction without modeling the individual turbine blades. This greatly simplifies CFD turbine simulations, making in-situ turbine modeling using real-world bathymetry a practical endeavor 

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