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Article Development of an iterative spatial assessment for regional grid connection for floating wave and wind energy arrays.
Author(s) Thomas van Lanschot, David Forehand, Henry Jeffrey (ICOE 2018)
Tags Spatial Analytics, site selection, Power modelling, Cluster analysis
Type Papers
File paper-thomas-van-lanschot.pdf

The offshore energy industry has long been dominated by fixed wind devices often located in shallower water. However, recently floating technologies in wind and wave energies have shown the commercial ability to operate in resource rich deeper more distant waters. The development in these fields is often ahead of policy, regulation and infrastructure. Previous studies often utilise spatial analytics to make assessments but often overlook grid requirements. In order to address this issue a series of spatial analytic and electrical power flow models have been established to form a novel assessment method. First an analytical hierarchical model was developed to identify possible. Second, clustering analysis was used to create a topology suitable for modelling needs. Finally the two models have been integrated in an optimal power flow dispatch model. It was found that sensitivity analysis was needed at each stage of the modelling process. However, it forms the basis of strategic development tool that could be used to highlight development impacts in multiple scenarios.

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