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Article From First Real Scale Unit “Sabella D10? to Tidal Turbine Pilot Power Plant “Eussabella” in the Fromveur Strait, France
Author(s) J.C. Allo (ICOE 2014)
Tags Sabella, Pilot Plant, Tank Tests, Tidal turbine, Scale Turbine
Type Posters
File jean-christophe-allo-from-first-real-scale-unit-sabella-d10-to-tidal-turbine-pilot-power-plant-eussabella-in-the-fromveur-strait-france.pdf

This document gives a view of the first scale unit “Sabella D10” to tidal turbine pilot power plant “Eussabella” in the Fromveur strait, France. It provides information of the concept, the “Sabella D10” scale turbine,”Eussabella” pilot plant, Full scale feasibility and Sabella’s core principles. 

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