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Article Health and Safety With Offshore Wind Farms
Author(s) Johan COISY, Jean-Charles PORTAUD (ICOE 2018)
Tags health, management, Offshore wind farms, regulations, safety
Type Papers
File paper-neodyme-johan-coisy.pdf

Health and Safety must undeniably be the key focus when implementing marine renewable energy projects. Project promoters and contractors are called on to implement strong occupational health and safety policies, procedures and features, from design through to construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and decommissioning.
The purpose is to avoid accidents and injuries to workers, to comply with regulations, and to demonstrate that marine renewable energy is not only an environment-friendly solution, but a sector with a clear safety focus as well.
Many risks have to be considered:
- construction site (ports and factories): working at height, electrical risks, fire, explosion, handling, crushing, falls, chemical risks, hoisting, occupational stress, etc.
- Transport of staff and materials (road transport) from home, factories and offices to ports: road hazards
- Sea transport and specific works at sea: vessel compliance, subsea works, saline atmosphere, survival at sea, etc.
- Construction and maintenance: working in confined spaces, working at height, electrical risks, handling, machine conformity, etc.
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