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Article Investigations on the performances of the electrical generator of a rim-driven marine current turbine
Author(s) L. Drouen, J.F. Charpentier (ICOE 2008)
Tags Currents
Type Papers
File icoe2008_poster_02_currents_22_drouen_paper.pdf

In this paper, the electrical generator of a rim-driven horizontal-axis current turbine is modeled in detail. Its main characteristics and performances are evaluated (efficiency, mass, cost, etc). This generator is of permanent magnet direct-driven synchronous type and is connected to a variable speed power electronics drive. It is then compared to a more traditional technology (a pod generator) in terms of mass and cost for a common set of specification. In addition, due to the specific geometry of the machine, the use of low-cost ferrite magnets is investigated in place of rare earth magnets. 

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