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Article Marine Composites for Ocean Energy applications: Ensuring long-term durability
Author(s) A. Boisseau, C. Renaud, D. Choqueuse, D. Perreux, F. Thiebaud, L. Peters, P. Davies, R. Nickel (ICOE 2010)
Tags Composite, Fibre, Fatigue, Wet aging
Type Papers
File Marine Composites for Ocean Energy applications: Ensuring long-term durability

Abstract: In order to guarantee the long term durability of composites used for ocean energy structures four conditions must be satisfied.

  • First, the reinforcements (fibres and sizings) must be chosen correctly.
  • Second, an appropriate matrix resin must be selected.
  • Third, the manufacturing process and quality must be suited to the application.
  • Finally, the structure must be designed to resist the loading conditions with an appropriate safety coefficient.

These conditions are clearly interdependent, but the designer can use a large available database to help in developing a reliable composite structure. This paper gives an overview of available experience and recent results and uses tidal turbine blades as an example to illustrate the importance of material selection. 

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