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Article Marine Power. Experience in BIMEP and development Framework
Author(s) A. Amezaga, B. Zarraga (ICOE 2010)
Tags BIMEP, WEC, Thermosolar Energy
Type Papers
File Marine Power. Experience in BIMEP and development Framework

Abstract: The Basque Country has embarked upon a strategic initiative to be a world leader in the development of wave power. This initiative is being led by the Basque Energy Agency (EVE), the Basque Government Energy Agency in charge of the “BIMEP” project (Biscay Marine Energy Platform). The company selected by EVE to develop the engineering work and supervise the construction of the installation was SENER. 

SENER, a Basque engineering and construction company, with international presence in a broad range of technologies and markets (marine, civil architecture and infrastructure, aerospace and Oil&Gas), and with a clear vocation to be a leader in new technologies, has participated in the BIMEP since December 2009.

This paper will detail the steps taken to select the equipment, the lessons learned and a comparition between the development of thermosolar power and needs in terms of marine power. 



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