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Article Mutriku. Lessons learnt
Author(s) J. Marqués, L.I. López de Aguileta, Y. Torre-Enciso (ICOE 2010)
Tags Breakwater, Mutriku, Onshore, OWC, Wave energy
Type Papers
File Mutriku. Lessons learnt

Abstract: The wave energy plant at Mutriku sets a milestone in the development of the wave energy industry in the Basque Country and in Spain.

It is a clear example of the commitment by the Basque Energy Board (EVE) to this technology, for which Mutriku is just the first step in a strategy to promote this industry in the Basque Country.

As the first wave energy plant in Spain, the legalisation stage has made obvious that the Spanish regulatory framework fails to provide incentives for developing marine energy, unlike the success obtained in other forms of renewable energy.

The project also caused public alarm during construction as a result of a loud noise that occurred during a storm. Quick intervention to get the noise under check and a subsequent information campaign served to allay the fears of the local population.

These are two examples of some of the lessons learnt during the design, construction and commissioning process of the Mutriku wave energy plant 



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