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Article Numerical modelling of composite tidal turbine blades
Author(s) William Finnegan, Tomás Flanagan, Adrian Doyle, Michael Walls, Micheál Forde, Edward Fagan, Jamie Goggins (ICOE 2018)
Tags composite materials, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Hydrodynamics, structural analysis, Tidal energy
Type Papers
File paper-william-finnegan.pdf

Numerical modelling offers a relatively inexpensive method of testing and validation of early designs, compared to physical models. This paper presents a methodology for developing an advanced numerical model for designing and assessing the performance of composite tidal turbine blades. The model includes the determination of the loadings due to the tidal flow using computational fluid dynamics, the material properties of the fibre-reinforced polymer composite and a structural analysis of the blades. A hydrodynamic analysis of the main loading (thrust force) on the tidal turbine blade is presented, along with a validation of the accuracy of the composite model coupled with the structural analysis (finite element method) solver.

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