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Article OCEAN LIDER: Ocean Renewable Energy Leaders
Author(s) J. Amate López (ICOE 2010)
Tags Currents, Hybrid Systems, OCEAN LIDER, Wave energy
Type Papers
File OCEAN LIDER: Ocean Renewable Energy Leaders

Abstract: The CENIT-E OCEAN LIDER project (Ocean Renewable Energy Leaders) is an ambitious technology initiative promoted by a consortium of companies with a strong capacity in researching, which addresses the challenge of generating and creating the knowledge and technologies necessaries for an efficient and sustainable renewable ocean energy generation. 

OCEAN LIDER project´s main target is to research and to generate knowledge for the
development of breakthrough technologies necessary for the implementation of integrated facilities for the use of renewable ocean energy (wave energy, currents and hybrid systems: 

  • wave/wind energy and
  • currents/wind energy)

If forecasts are met (up to 35 patents and 17 copyrights), the results of the OCEAN LIDER project will have a significant economic, social and environmental impact and enable Spain to remain the global renewable energy leader, helping generate skilled employment and combating climate change. 


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