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Article Optimized double sided linear generator for wave energy in São Paulo’s coast
Author(s) Joao Flesch Fortes, Laís Machado Ferraz, Ivan Eduardo Chabu (ICOE 2018)
Tags Linear generator, Wave energy, brazilian shore, permanent magnets, Marine Renewable Energy
Type Papers
File paper-fortes-ferraz-chabu.pdf

The main goal of this project was to design a linear electrical generator optimized to harvest energy from ocean surface waves of typical Brazilian shores, to assess its technical feasibility and to estimate its costs. We built a small scale model in order to test the proposed topology of an air cored double sided linear generator using NdFeB permanent magnets (PM). Next, we designed a full scale machine with rated peak values 5.09 kW and 107.3V. The cost of the electrical part alone is estimated in 8,460 Euros and the estimated levelized cost of electricity ( LCOE ) would range from 310.77 Euros/MWh to 772.76 Euros/MWh for a deployment off the coast of São Paulo state (SP).

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