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Article Public-private Synergy Fostering Innovation in the French MRE Sector
Author(s) Y-H. De Roeck (ICOE 2014)
Tags Marine energy, MRE Sector, synergy fostering innovation
Type Presentations
File yann-herve-de-roeck-public-private-synergy-fostering-innovation-in-the-french-mre-sector.pdf

This presentation outlines the public-private synergy fostering innovation in the French MRE Sector.
It provides information on Marine Energies, resource and policy, industrial, pilot and test sites, tools to initiate public-private synergies, topics managed by the 2 maritime clusters, assessed efficiency of the clusters, collaborative MRE projects, objectives and means, a multidisciplinary set of public-private players, the public-private contributions, projects and open-water test centers in France.

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