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Article Radial Turbine with Pitch-controlled Guide Vanes for Wave Energy Conversion
Author(s) T. Setoguchi, M. Takao, M. Suzuki, F. Castro, B. Pereiras (ICOE 2010)
Tags Ocean Energy, Radial turbine, Pitch-controlled guide vane, Wave energy conversion
Type Papers
File Radial Turbine with Pitch-controlled Guide Vanes for Wave Energy Conversion

Abstract: A radial turbine with pitch-controlled guide vanes has been proposed and investigated experimentally by model testing, in order to develop a high performance radial turbine for wave energy conversion. However, according to previous studies, it was clarified that the turbine efficiency was not so high because the guide vane solidity was small.

The objective of this study is to clarify the effect of guide vane solidity on the performance of this radial turbine and to enhance the turbine efficiency. As a result, the performance of the radial turbine with high solidity guide vane has been clarified under steady flow condition. Further, the performance of the radial turbine under unsteady flow condition has been clarified by using quasi-steady analysis. 

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