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Article Reverse Electrodialysis Power Production - Progress in the development of an innovative system
Author(s) Michael Papapetrou (ICOE 2012)
Tags brine, ion exchange membranes, Modelling, reverse electrodialysis, seawater, stack
Type Papers
File michael_papapetrou_wip_gmbh_co_planungs.pdf

In this paper we are presenting an innovative salinity gradient power approach based on the reverse electrodialysis technology. The current focus on the combination of fresh water and seawater is limited by the overall electrical resistance, which is determined by the low conductivity of the freshwater compartment. However, we in the REAPower project (www.reapower.eu) are using sea water as the “low concentration” salt solution in combination with brine; a salt solution with a very high salt concentration. This offers a tremendous potential for the improvement of the electrical performance, as shown in several papers before. An inter-disciplinary and international team of specialists are working together since October 2010 for delivering the materials, components and processes that will allow to fully exploiting the potential of this very promising technology. This paper presents the project plan and progress achieved so far in the membrane development and the stack design and construction, with results from the process simulation. 

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