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Article Supply Chain for the WestWave Project
Author(s) Cera Slevin, Lynsey Crerar, Mike Whelan, Rosalind Hart, Eugene Doogan (ICOE 2012)
Tags Aquamarine Power, Ocean Energy, Pelamis Wave Power, Supply chain, Wavebob, wave energy converters
Type Papers
File cera_slevin_esb.pdf

WestWave is a demonstration wave energy project being developed by ESB off the West Coast of Ireland. A supply chain study has been carried out by ESB for a number of reasons; to inform ESB of the likely contracting structure, to determine from leading wave companies what their specific requirements for such a project would be and to also create an awareness to supply chain companies of the typical activities taking place, skills requirements, infrastructure needed and scale of equipment being deployed. Four wave companies; Aquamarine Power Ltd, Ocean Energy Ltd, Pelamis Wave Power Ltd and Wavebob Ltd, which utilise varying methods to harness wave energy, collaborated with ESB on this study as reference technologies to inform the project. A final report was made available to the supply chain in late 2011. 

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