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Article The All-Waters Test Facility – a new resource for the marine energy sector
Author(s) T. Davey (ICOE 2012)
Tags physical modelling, tank testing
Type Papers
File thomas_davey_flowave_tt_ltd.pdf

Physical model testing, in the form of tank testing, is an important tool for the development and assessment of marine energy devices. Many existing tanks, especially those in the UK, cater for small scale testing leaving a large gap (both in scale and knowledge) that must be bridged prior to the deployment of large scale devices at sea. In addition, existing facilities are limited in their ability to generate combined current and wave sea states. The All-Waters Combined Current and Wave Test Facility, described here, addresses these issues by offering large scale tank testing in a unique circular configuration. The circular design is intended to minimise wave reflection and ‘dead zones’ and allows for the generation of complex multidirectional seas with current generated in any relative direction. The facility will cater for large scale array testing and the testing of deployment techniques, reducing the risk associated with the move from the laboratory to the sea. 

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