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Article The Basque Country: A Strategic Commitment to Leading the Wave Energy Sector
Author(s) Y. Torre-Enciso, J. Marqués (ICOE 2010)
Tags Strategy and policies, Development, Wave energy
Type Papers
File The Basque Country: A Strategic Commitment to Leading the Wave Energy Sector

Introduction: The Basque Country is a region located in the north of Spain, bordering France, limited by the Pyrenees to the east and the Bay of Biscay to the North. It is a region with a long history of industrial activity that dates back to the early Middles Ages ironworks. The industry has indeed been traditionally based on and around the metal sector. With activities such as coal extraction, iron and steel industry, shipbuilding, etc, the Basque Country was one of the drivers of the industrial revolution in Spain.

After several crisis and restructuring processes, Basque industry is a modern industry nowadays, with a demonstrated vocation for research and innovation. The Basque Country is one the richest parts in Spain and has one of the highest Indexs for Human Development in the world.

The Basque Energy Agency (EVE) is firmly committed with the renewable energy sector and sees in wave energy a new opportunity, both because the Basque Country has a good wave energy resource and because this could represent a boost to the regional industry and an opportunity for specialization around a new sector. 

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