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Article The Fundy Energy Research Network: Fostering Tidal Energy Research Collaborations in the Bay of Fundy, Canada
Author(s) L. Isaacman (ICOE 2012)
Tags Environmental effects of ocean energy
Type Papers
File lisa_isaacman_fundy_energy_research_network_.pdf

The growing demand for renewable energy is fostering a wave of exploration into the potential of utilizing in-stream tidal energy technology to harness the dynamic, high flow tidal energy resources of the Bay of Fundy, Canada. With this interest comes the need for research to resolve many engineering and environmental monitoring challenges posed by the dynamic, high flow environment, as well as uncertainties regarding the potential ecological and socio-economic effects on the globally significant Fundy ecosystem, and the communities which depend on it. In 2010, the Fundy Energy Research Network (FERN; http://fern.acadiau.ca), an independent non-profit organization, was formed by tidal energy researchers from academia, government and industry to coordinate and foster regional and nation-wide inter-institutional research collaborations and information exchange to address environmental, socio-economic and engineering issues and challenges associated with in-stream tidal energy developments in the Bay of Fundy. The main aims of FERN are: ? To identify and provide objective guidance on emerging and priority issues related to tidal energy; ? To facilitate research collaboration and information sharing among government scientists, academia and industry; ? To enable creation of research teams capable of obtaining funding to support collaborative research; ? To enhance communication and cooperation among those involved in tidal energy research and development; ? To develop and maintain productive relationships with regional, national and international groups involved in tidal energy research; and ? To communicate information and research progress through meetings, seminars, conferences, reports, FERN website, and/or other forms of public presentation. 

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