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Article The PerAWaT project: Performance Assessment of Wave and Tidal Array Systems
Author(s) Vanessa Martin, Tim Stallard, Robert Rawlinson-Smith, Richard Willden, Matt Folley, Ian Bryden, Clym Stock-Williams (ICOE 2010)
Tags Wave energy converter, Array Performance, Energy capture, Tidal energy converter
Type Papers
File The PerAWaT project: Performance Assessment of Wave and Tidal Array Systems

Abstract: The Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) is a UK based company formed from global industrial companies and the UK government. The ETI invests in projects to help create affordable, reliable, clean energy for heat, power and transport. The ETI core objective of accelerating the development and commercial deployment of energy technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help to achieve energy and climate change goals will be addressed by the primary objective of the PerAWaT project which is:

To establish and validate numerical models to predict the hydrodynamic performance of
wave & tidal energy converters operating in arrays.

The deployment of large scale arrays of wave and tidal energy conversion devices will only occur when project developers have sufficient confidence in the return on their investment. This requires proven prototypes and validated methods for the prediction of resource and energy capture.

This paper provides an overview of the PerAWaT project which will build on existing knowledge to accelerate the development of sophisticated tools that will become essential as the wave and tidal energy industriesmature. 

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