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Article The Sabella Tidal Turbine – Tests Results and Further Development
Author(s) Alain Guerrier, Jacques Ruer, Jean-François Daviau, Philippe Bornens (ICOE 2010)
Tags Tidal current, Tidal currents, Sabella turbine, Turbulence, Eddies, Installation
Type Papers
File The Sabella Tidal Turbine ? Tests Results and Further Development

Abstract: The Sabella technology is characterized by a robust design able to withstand the harsh conditions prevailing in the open sea. It is particularly suited to exploit the tidal currents existing along the English Channel. The turbine concept has been simplified as far as possible in order to limit the need for maintenance.

A first step of the development was the study, construction and test at sea of a 3m diameter demonstrator. The Sabella demonstrator was immerged in the Odet estuary for one year. The results show the soundness of the concept. The site configuration introduced unexpected effects.

The next development phase includes the testing in the open sea of a 300kW turbine, before the installation of further units to make a first energy production farm. 

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