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Article Tidal Resource Assessment and Hydrodynamic Simulation of a SeaGen-type Horizontal
Author(s) Niño Jhim Andrew B. Dela Luna (Poster Awards)
Type Posters
File nino-jhim-andrew-b.-dela-luna-icoe-2018-poster.pdf

[This poster won 1st prize at the 2018 ICOE Poster Awards]

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia which has abundant natural renewable energy sources. This study focuses on one aspect of renewable energy, which is tidal energy. The tidal parameters such as tidal heights, and tidal currents, of six representative points within Verde Island Passage, were determined through numerical modelling. A decision matrix was used to determine the peak month for tidal energy harvesting, for the year 2017 and a one-month energy density map was created. The SeaGen model of twin horizontal axis rotors were simulated in an area in Verde Island Passage, and the power production of the tidal turbines for the peak month were estimated. Delft3D 4 Suite was used for the numerical modelling and hydrodynamic simulation.

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