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Article Understanding the role of stakeholders in the wave energy consenting process: engagement and sensitivities
Author(s) T. Simas, C. Huertas-Olivares, D. Magagna, Daniel C. Conley, Deborah Greaves, Y. Torre-Enciso (ICOE 2012)
Tags Ocean Energy, Public acceptability
Type Papers
File teresa_simas_wave_energy_centre.pdf

As a relatively new industry, wave energy faces many hurdles, including questions concerning its environmental impacts and public and stakeholder group attitudes towards wave energy sites. The EUfunded SOWFIA project (www.sowfia.eu) aims to address these issues by providing recommendations for the streamlining of approval processes for wave
energy developments across Europe. This paper analyses the results of two surveys conducted to assess the opinions of developers and maritimespace users on wave energy and to investigate commonalities and differences in stakeholder groups’ perceptions of wave energy across different test sites in Europe. 

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