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Article Using Drifting and Moored Passive Acoustic Detectors to Monitor Porpoises in Tidal-stream Sites
Author(s) S. Benjamins, J. Elliott, A. Dale, B. Wilson (ICOE 2014)
Tags Megafauna, Tidal Stream Energy
Type Posters
File benjamins-s-j-elliot-a-dale-b-wilson-using-drifting-and-moored-passive-acoustic-detectors-to-monitor-porpoises-in-tidal-stream-sites.pdf

Charismatic megafauna species such as marine mammals can delay or complicate
consenting decisions for tidal-stream energy developments:
• High-profile species protected by legislation
• A new industry with the potential for impacts, but many unknowns
• Regulators demand high-quality data on animal distribution, habitat use etc., but marine
mammals are hard to study!
• Animals can be difficult to observe
• Standard survey methods may not work well in fast-flowing waters
• Logistical difficulties

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