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Article Wave Energy Converter hull design for manufacturability and reduced LCOE
Author(s) Anna Garcia-Teruel, David I. M. Forehand, Henry Jeffrey (ICOE 2018)
Tags wave energy converters, geometry, levelised cost of energy, manufacturing process, materials, optimization
Type Papers
File paper-anna-garcia-teruel.pdf

Wave Energy Converter structures are associated with the highest percentage share of LCOE costs, however, existing geometry optimization studies just consider maximi-zation of power production and, in some cases, mass as a proxy for structural costs. How to include cost factors related to geometry in the optimization process with a particular fo-cus on design for manufacturing is discussed here. Two dif-ferent methodologies - depending on the available infor-mation and goal of the study - are presented, and example cases for these are given. The results show the potential and suitability of applying these methodologies to wave energy converter hull design for improved manufacturability and re-duced LCOE.

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