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Article Wave Dragon from Demonstration to Market
Author(s) E. Friis-Madsen, H.C. Sørensen (ICOE 2010)
Tags Development, EIA, Financing, Overtopping, Wave energy
Type Papers
File Wave Dragon from Demonstration to Market

Abstract: The Wave Dragon is a slack-moored wave energy converter of the overtopping type. It has since 1998 been following a development path as recommended by leading scientist in the Waveplam project: starting with tank testing and continuing with real sea testing at a test station with reduced wave climate.

Several engineering studies have been performed and today a full scale 7 MW unit is ready for deployment by 2011 off the coast of Wales, UK. The work from small scale testing 1:50 to full scale is described including the difficulties in having part of that work financed. The benefit of using the Waveplam protocol for development is described. 


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