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Article Wave Energy in Portugal The paths towards a successful implementation
Author(s) S.Hamawi and S.O.Negro (ICOE 2012)
Tags European roadmap
Type Papers
File soraya_hamawi_wave_energy_centre.pdf

The increasing energy demand, energy supply and climate change problems that the European Union (EU) is confronting, has caused it to consider renewable energy (RE) as a solution. The member state Portugal has therefore set targets to implement RE. An abundant RE source in Portugal is wave energy (WE). However, after many years of R&D, experimentation and pilot projects WE is not yet successfully implemented in Portugal. The aim of this study is to identify non-technical barriers hampering the implementation of WE in Portugal and to provide policy recommendations. The TIS approach and system functions analysis is used to understand the development and diffusion of WE in Portugal. Furthermore 37 expert interviews have been conducted to identify handholds for appropriate policy advice. The TIS (Technological Innovation System) of WE for Portugal consist of all actors, however, these interact weakly. Moreover, all the seven system functions are weakly fulfilled. Specific policy implications are given, however, a first step towards the build up of a well functioning TIS and industry for Portugal is to stimulate collaboration and the setting of a clear and consistent strategy between the actors. 

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