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Article Wave resource assessment for the Falmouth Bay marine energy test site (FaBTest)
Author(s) H.C.M.Smith, I.G.C.Ashton, J. Van-Nieuwkoop, D.Parish, L.Johanning (ICOE 2012)
Tags nearshore wave modelling, Resource assessment, SWAN, Wave power, FaBTest
Type Papers
File helen_smith_university_of_exeter.pdf

Planning and preparation for deployment of a wave energy converter requires detailed information about the physical conditions at site. Furthermore, accurate assessment of the wave conditions is necessary for a thorough appraisal of the device(s) under test. This paper describes the measurement and analysis procedures undertaken for the Falmouth Bay marine energy test site (FaBTest), located in Cornwall, UK. The site is covered by a high-resolution near-shore SWAN wave model developed and operated by the Marine Renewable Energy group at the University of Exeter, and supported by in-situ measurements taken at the site as well as other locations within Falmouth bay and across the region. Analysis is described of data from a 10yr hindcast of this model. The results provide a detailed overview of the wave conditions at the site, and the research presents a useful case-study for the application of standard assessment procedures for marine energy sites. 

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