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Article Weather windows analysis incorporating wave height, wave period, wind speed and tidal current with relevance to deployment and maintenance of marine renewables
Author(s) M. O’Connor, D. Bourke, T. Curtin, T. Lewis and G. Dalton (ICOE 2012)
Tags Accessibility assessment
Type Papers
File michael_o_connor_hmrc_universoty_college_cork.pdf

windows analysis in order to quantify the levels of access to marine renewables for installation and operations & maintenance (O&M) activities.
The weather windows analysis was conducted at three sites. The Egmond aan Zee windfarm (OWEZ) off the Dutch North Sea coast, the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) Belmullet on the Irish Atlantic coast and M2 in the Irish Sea.
This paper builds on previous work which quantified weather windows by considering the significant wave height. This paper assesses weather windows by looking at a greater range of met-ocean parameters in addition to significant wave height, namely peak wave period (Tp), mean wind speed and tidal current speed as well as applying these parameters over a greater range of marine renewable locations. Met-ocean data from 2008 was used in the analysis. 

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