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This website is sponsored by OES (Ocean Energy Systems); an intergovernmental collaboration between countries, which operates under framework established by the International Energy Agency (IEA).

The goals of this website is to store & present relevant information from ICOE conferences (documents, papers, presentations) and make it available in the future. Furthermore this website informs of upcoming ICOE conferences.

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How to apply to host the next ICOE conference 

ICOE conference is normally fixed two years in advance.

ICOE 2020 is already fixed: It will be in Washington DC hosted by the National Hydropower Association (NHA)

The call to host the 2022 conference is open now.

The proposal should be endorsed by the OES Country delegate.

Applicants to host an ICOE event should send an Expression of Interest to the OES, including the following information:

• An overall explanation on why the organization/entity wants to host ICOE. It should also include the organization’s understanding of the role and concept of ICOE and how that relates to the potential host’s mission and offerings;
• Proposed conference dates;
• Description of the proposed Conference venue and available conference facilities;
• Description of previous experience in the organization of international events;
• Management and administrative mechanisms which the host will put in place for the preparation and hosting of the conference;
• Outline of the staffing and support personnel available during the event;
• Description of side activities such as conference reception, gala dinner, and potential ties with other relevant events, including technical visits and workshops;
• An outline budget for the conference (applicants should assume complete financial responsibility for the offering);
• Any other information that the applicants consider will support their competitive bid;
• Contact information for the administrator(s) serving as the lead person(s) on the conference.

Deadline to receive applications is the end of January 2020.


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